You must follow these to maintain access to our server.

Please follow our rules so we can have a fun & chill community. If you have any questions, feel free to pop into our Discord server.

Staff Discretion. Punishments and context are complicated things, which often cannot be fully defined in a list of rules. Ultimately, Fish On Staff hold the final say and judgment on any rule broken, including the punishment duration and what rule(s) may have been broken.

Last updated: March 27th, 2024

The Warn System

Permanent warnings will be issued as punishments in response to actions that warrant one. These actions are listed throughout the rules under the "Typical Punishment" category. If you are a good community member, you will likely never receive a permanent warning.

Permanent warnings will not be issued lightly, these will only be issued to offenses that are bad enough to deserve it. Permanent warnings can also be removed from a player by having good behavior for an extended period of time.

Be Respectful & Appropriate

Be nice to people! We want everyone to feel welcome in our community.

Fish On is a chill community! Let's keep it that way. Please contact staff or create a ticket if you believe you are a victim of this.

Typical punishment: Mute and potentially a Permanent Warning (based on severity)

Under no circumstance are any of the aforementioned actions allowed. You will receive a ban + a permanent warning for partaking in any of these actions.

Typical punishment: Ban + Permanent Warning

Honor Privacy

Respecting the privacy of people in our community is incredibly important. That's why we have strict rules on information you're allowed to share about others.

Whether something crosses the boundary of a player's privacy is their own decision. We will typically not take action against this unless it is reported (unless it is clear and obvious an attempt to "doxx" somebody).

Typical punishment: Permanent Ban

Chat Pleasantry

Being part of a our community can bring a unique social environment. That's why it's important that we request you follow a few guidelines so all users can have fun.

Users will typically receive a verbal warning, requesting they stop engaging in nuisance behavior. Continued actions will result in a punishment.

Typical punishment: Verbal Warning/Mute

General Rules

These are rules that apply generally to all aspects of the server.

Users will typically receive a verbal warning, requesting they stop engaging in nuisance behavior. Continued actions will result in a punishment.


We support players in our community who want to grow their channels and branding. We're doing that too! But we want to ensure that when you advertise yourself, it's related to Fish On.

We want you to be able to share content in a way that's fair for both sides. If you want to become a verified creator through our services, make a ticket in our Discord and we'll discuss it.

Typical punishment: Verbal Warning/Mute

Use Permitted Client Add-Ons (Applies for Non-Client Add-Ons as well)

We allow users to play on Fish On with clients outside of the vanilla Minecraft version. However, there are some modifications to your game instance that we cannot permit on our server.

Some modifications are permitted to use on FishOnMC, but if you don't see it here, it's not allowed. You can always check with staff in our Discord server.

Breaking this rule is typically a permanent ban. PVP-Bans may be handed out for those who cheat in combat. We typically won't accept appeals on cheating-based bans unless they were made in clear and obvious error.

Typical punishment for Anti-AFK: Kick/Temp Ban
Typical punishment for Macros/X-Ray: Temp Ban + Permanent Warn
Typical punishment for Other Cheats: Permanent Ban + Permanent Warn

Report Issues

If you experience a bug, glitch, or exploit on FishOnMC, you may be required to report it or risk punishment to your account.

If you are unsure if what you're doing is in this list, you can check with staff in our Discord server.

Typical punishment: Discretion based on severity; but typically a lengthy or permanent ban

Exchange Fairly ("RMT", or "IRL Trading")

Players are eager to earn currency and rewards on Fish On. Some people will go as far as to exchange real-world items or money to do so. Here is our policy on that.

Due to the nature in which IRL trading typically occurs off of our services, it is hard to gather evidence and punish players who make deals there. Players found to be engaging in IRL trading will be PERMANENTLY BANNED with the proper evidence collected, and will receive no support from us if they are scammed. A player telling/sharing details about their IRL trade in chat is not sufficient evidence, but further investigation may be taken against them.

Typical punishment: Upon collecting PROPER, UNREFUTABLE EVIDENCE such as item transactions, receipts, etc - Permanent Ban

Follow the Law

FishOnMC is based in the United States, but we have players from around the world. With that being said, you must generally adhere to U.S. regulations when using any of our services, regardless of where you live.

Typical punishment: Blacklisted